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Farmers Deserve a Legislated Right to Farm


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Mandatory Sentencing for Criminals Using Firearms


Bring Balance to Rural Water Management


Fighting for Taxi plate Owners, Operators and Drivers


We Support Timber Workers!


SFF Puts Pedal to the Metal on Support for Sydney Speedway

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Leader, Robert Borsak is supporting the Sydney Speedway and their fight against the compulsory acquisition of their current site by Government. Sydney Speedway representatives were told in October that the site they have occupied for 42 years would be required as mustering yards for the...

While Fires Ravage Farms Minister Kean Needs to Pull his Head out of his Suburban Bucket of Water

Leader of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party, Robert Borsak, will today move a notice of motion to introduce a bill giving residents with homes neighbouring National Parks and Reserves should have the right to back burn, creating fire breaks to protect their properties, houses, stock, fencing and machinery.

SFF Puts Steak Through Vegan Terrorists

In an Australian first, the SFF moved amendments to guarantee a Right to Farm for all farms and business dealing with animals or animal products. This includes: sales yards, feed lots, abattoirs, butchers, rodeos, circuses, timber mills etc.