Keelty report whitewashes government corruption as ICAC silence reaches 1,000 days

The NSW Government must explain why its corruption watchdog has not reported on its inquiry into water corruption for three years, says SFF Murray MP Helen Dalton.

“Top Basin Cop Mick Keelty has just completed a report after his five-month inquiry into the Murray Darling Basin,” Mrs Dalton said

“So why has the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) been so silent on its Murray Darling inquiry - which commenced exactly 1,000 days ago”  

“There no info on ICAC’s website. No update. No report. No timeline.”

Former NSW Government Water Minister Kevin Humphries and senior bureaucrats were reportedly referred to ICAC in July 2017, following ABC Four Corners program Pumped, which highlighted alleged government water corruption.

The NSW premier refused to answer questions on notice on the ICAC inquiry put to her by Mrs Dalton in November. 

“We know the NSW Government audited ICAC, perhaps threatening to cut its budget. Now, we hear ICAC offices are shut due to Covid-19,” Mrs Dalton said

“The Darling River was destroyed, causing immense pain to rural communities.”

“We deserve an explanation from the NSW Government. Is this inquiry still active, and why is it taking so long?”