4wding & Camping  -  NSW Policy

What We Believe

Four-wheel driving is a popular and legitimate recreation deserving of better support. NSW is home to some of the most diverse and appealing natural landscapes in the world, most of which is best explored by four-wheel drive and motorcycle vehicles.

We encourage safe and sustainable four wheel driving and motorcycling in the broader community, and recognise that most of our shooting and fishing constituents are also owners of four-wheel drive and other off-road vehicles, such as trail bikes. Four-wheel driving offers significant cultural, environment and economic value to NSW.

National Parks tracks are constantly being closed on the back of ‘environmental concerns’ while they are left in a poor state and neglected.

Four wheeling driving is a safe and enjoyable recreational activity, and we want it to stay that way. We will stop the Government where they restrict access for four wheel drivers and motorcyclists, often caving into pressure by extreme Green groups.

Our Action Plan

Recreational access for 4WD and camping
We will fight for free access to all areas and facilities within National Parks and State Forests for four-wheel driving and camping, and assert the right of responsible four-wheel drivers to have permit free use of appropriate beaches for recreational purposes.

Tracks and parks
We reject any unreasonable closure of tracks and parks, and support the re-opening of those closed without valid reason. In fact, we will call for the creation of new tracks to encourage four-wheel drivers to NSW and improved sign posting across all tracks and parks.

Bull bars and red tape
We support amending ADR 13/00 to cover LED light bars and spotlights on roof racks and bull bars and will continue to oppose any legislation to restrict the use of bull bars.

Land management
The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party recognise the damage that vandals can do to our natural environment, particularly in our National Parks. That is why we support measures taken to ensure maintenance and value of our National Park and camping areas to catch and stop offenders damaging property, including greater funding for Clubs and Associations to support regular bush clean-up days.

Communication and increased safety
Four-wheel driving is a fun and safe family activity deserving of better support and resources. We will call on the Government to better engage with four-wheel driving associations and National Parks on issues that relate to closures and gates. Driver training and safety education programs through NSW Government grants to four-wheel drive clubs should be made where available. We support a designated UHF channel for four-wheel drive tracks to ensure community safety and better accessibility.

Speed limit
We will support an increase to the speed limit on the Pacific Highway and Hume Highway where appropriate.

Supporting motorcyclists
We will facilitate changes in legislation and policy to promote motorcycling in all forms including sport, recreation, adventuring and commuting. We will commit to introducing recreational registration and insurance for off road motorcycles, motorcycle friendly crash barriers, cheaper tolls for motorcyclists, and stop the closure of off road tracks.

What This Means For You

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party will continue to work with Four-Wheel Drive NSW and ACT Inc. and other clubs across the State to secure access to public and private lands for responsible four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive touring.

Similarly, we will support the Motor Cycle Council of NSW and its initiatives for responsible and safe on-road and off-road motor cycle use.

We will actively work to implement a uniform standard and set of laws across the Country so four-wheel drive and motorcycle users are not left to wonder whether or not they are breaking the law.

Our public land and natural environment is there for everyone to enjoy. We think the Government should work WITH four-wheel drivers and motorcyclists to ensure its sustainability not against them. Above all, we will support the expansion of responsible access to public land in NSW by four-wheel drive and off-road vehicle users.