The NSW government wants to start 1080 poisoning deer and other animals across the state where they think deer are a problem.

This deadly poison will end up on paddocks, in water courses, in sheep, cattle, goats and other domestic stock.

It will make its way onto our plates and they don’t give a stuff.

Corrupt interests associated with the private pest control industry are making big money out of lobbying the pest animals commission because they want open slather to milk cash out of programs that will spread these deadly poisons all over productive farm lands, for decades to come.

We don’t think the Government should be allowed to poison our farms.

We need your help to stop 1080 poison before it’s too late.

Sign this now to let the Government know you won’t be poisoned.

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Jonathan Sun
Cameron Marsh
Daniel Respall
Anna Kristiansen
Sam Nichols
Helen Rose
Annie Saab
Naomi Revelly
Sarina Sharp
Lorraine Brand
Mark Jazwinski
Martin Green
Tim Bryant
Rob Pearce
Chris Boothroyd
Robert Bray
Daniel Kozis
Robert Warnock
Frank Mignemi
Rachel McFarland
Kierin Fitzpatrick
Barry Stewart
Alan Farley
Mark Johnson
Justin Pritchard
Allan Fitzgerald
Robert Irvine
Glen Crawford
Jeff Bacon
Adrian Yates
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