Firearms  -  Federal Policy


The Commonwealth Government has no Constitutional authority for the legislation and regulation of firearms laws other than those which apply to the Customs Act. Our firearms policies, Federal and State, are based on one fact: Criminals do not obey the law! As such, the vast majority of our rules and regulations must be focused on the illegal firearms market, not law abiding firearms owners.


  • Repeal the 1996 National Firearms Agreement of COAG on the basis it has failed to increase public safety.
  • Vehemently oppose the establishment of a Commonwealth Firearms Registry, or any other interference by the Commonwealth in the constitutional authority of the States to legislate the ownership and use of firearms.
  • Establish a genuine reason for family and home protection for lawful possession of a firearm.
  • Abolish the registration of category A and B firearms with savings to be reinvested into front line crime prevention.
  • Remove Federal red tape regulation for firearms imports where relevant State and Territory requirements have been met.
  • Support and promote Australian firearm manufacturers and suppliers for domestic supply and government contracts.
  • Table a Bill outlawing animal liberation based hate campaigning and terrorism.
  • Expand self-defence rights and non-lethal means of protection.
  • Support and promote national education and safety programs for responsible firearms ownership and use.
  • Increase funding to ‘Shooting Australia’.
  • Introduce mandatory sentencing for Commonwealth firearms offences.