"Ammo Bill" to be Repealed

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party celebrates a massive win today, securing a repeal of the controversial "Ammo Bill" by the NSW Government.

Robert Borsak MLC

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak today welcomed Government legislation aimed at repealing the controversial Firearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill 2012.

“I am proud that we are on the verge or repealing Barry O’Farrell’s controversial ‘Ammo Bill’,” Mr Borsak said.

“This is the product of five years of advocacy by the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party, and a National Party in Government who is in disarray following our Orange by-election win last year.

“The ‘Ammo Bill’ will be repealed as part of the Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 that was introduced in the Upper House by the Government today.

“We are now delivering on our promise to repeal the ‘Ammo Bill’ – a personal attack on our party by Barry O’Farrell in 2012 after we refused to blindly pass his legislation.”

An extract of the explanatory note for the aims of the bill reads as follows:

“[This bill aims] to remove the requirement for a firearms dealer to record the address of a person to whom or from whom ammunition is supplied or acquired.”

Mr Borsak added that his party is closely scrutinising the bill to make sure there are no ‘poison pills’ for law-abiding firearms owners.

We Oppose Lever Adler Restrictions

“Right now, we are yet to have an official briefing from the Government on this bill, but our legal experts will scrutinise it carefully.

“However I do note that the bill does have a section ratifying Troy Grant’s backflip at COAG to reclassify all lever-action shotguns (like the Adler A110) from Category A, to Category B and D, depending on the magazine capacity.

“The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party does not support reclassifying lever-action shotguns whatsoever, given that this was an unjustified knee-jerk reaction by Tony Abbott to the Lindt Café Siege.

“Today’s coronial inquest made no mention of legally-owned firearms or lever-action shotguns being involved whatsoever; so there is no rationale for a category change.”

Download Robert Borsak's press release here.