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SFF TAS 2024 State Election Candidates

The 2024 Tasmanian State Election is just around the corner. 

Here are your Shooters Fishers and Farmers Candidates

Parliament Update Monday 4 December 2023

In the final week of Parliament for 2023, Robert and Mark were at it again fighting government incompetence and extreme fringe politics. And there was no lack of nonsensical decisions and crazy ideology which, if allowed to go unchecked would continue to impact on shooters and hunters, fishers of all descriptions and people in rural and regional communities. There was so much garbage that Robert and Mark found themselves leaving Parliament House after midnight more than once.


While we all share the common goal of enhancing community safety, I firmly believe that the Bill, as currently drafted, constitutes an unjustified attack on law-abiding firearm ownership. It appears to be driven more by political concerns than by evidence-based policy making. Rather than targeting responsible firearm owners, I believe that our efforts should be focused on increasing penalties for firearm theft, being in possession of stolen firearms, and the like. The introduction of tougher sentencing for such crimes would undoubtedly be a step in the right direction rather than demonizing licensed firearm holders as this Bill does in its current state. 

Newsletter April 2023

SFF vows to protect forestry workers under threat by aggressive protesters

Forestry workers in the States north are experiencing illegal protests at their work sites, with one contractor told their machinery would be “burnt to the ground”, says Shooters Fishers and Farmers MLC, Mark Banasiak.

Cashless Gaming Card to cost Jobs in Murray

SFF party spokesman Robert Borsak said today that the position taken by Independent member for Murray Helen Dalton will cause the loss of jobs and income from grants to local communities.

Statement from Robert Borsak MLC: Donato, Butler and Dalton resignations

I wish our former members all the best and can only hope they will continue to fight for their constituencies, and not be coerced by the major parties.

Phil Donato is a good local MP, but he is just that only local.

It’s why we picked him, to be part of the SFF team.

SFF Statement

The recent resignations of Phil Donato and Roy Butler have come as unfortunate news not only to the Party but also Law Abiding Firearms Owners, Fishers, Farmers and all those that the Party has stood with and campaigned for in the last four or more years.

Parliament Fails NSW Timber Communities

Both sides of politics are responsible for decimating the NSW timber industry following the withdrawal of a government bill that would remove dual consent approvals for private native forestry.

2022 Victoria State Election

For all info about SFF Victoria and the upcoming 2022 State Election, visit their website:

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