Our Track Record
Introduced a new management plan for NSW Marine Estate.
Made ‘try shooting’ easier for everyone.
Moratorium on marine parks.
Guaranteed rights of self-defence against attack through the Home Invasion and the Workplace (Occupants Protection) Bill.
Passed a Bill to introduce a charter of victim’s rights and increased penalties for attacks on vulnerable people.
Changed the rules regarding purchase of a second firearm.
Raised the public and political profile for shooting and fishing sports.
Introduced the ground-breaking Game and Feral Animal Control Act.
Delivered over $10 million for shooting and hunting clubs through the MACOSC Grants Scheme.
Tabled legislation to repeal the Ammo Bill.
Introduced P650s for new shooters.
Blocked the NSW Government’s Firearm Regulation Reviews that would have had a devastating impact on clubs and ranges across the state.
Chaired the largest public inquiry in NSW into recreational fishing and marine parks: The Select Committee on Recreational Fishing.
Overturned the ban on beach and rock fishing.
Negotiated over $10 million Government funding to develop shooting sports in NSW.
Secured $7 million in guaranteed funding for Hilltop Regional Shooting Complex.
Introduced over 40 positive firearms laws changes removing regulation and green tape.
Introduced legislation to repeal the onerous provisions in the Native Vegetation Act.
Introduced a Bill for mandatory sentencing for anyone convicted of using a firearm in the commission of a serious crime.