Our People  -  Meet your Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party representatives

Robert Brown

“All shooters have a disproportionate measure of regulation and legislation shoved down their throats since the early 1990s. Most of it is bad legislation and over-regulation.”
Robert has worked tirelessly in NSW Parliament since being elected in 2006 to ensure that shooters and fishers rights are protected and rural and regional NSW are not forgotten. Robert has been very active in the inner workings of the House via Legislative Council Committee’s and debates on various pieces of legislation.

Robert is committed to working with the government of the day to improve matters related to firearms ownership and use and access for shooters and fishers. He has built a reputation as a skillful negotiator and a man of integrity and honesty.

Prior to his election, Robert was NSW Branch President of the Australian Deer Association and was actively involved in a number of sporting shooting and hunting clubs and associations for over 30 years. An engineer and businessman by profession, Robert has also held various management positions across several multinational corporations.

He is currently the Chair of General Purpose Standing Committee 5, which deals with the portfolios of DPI, Environment and Heritage, Lands and Water, and Industry, Resources and Energy. This role has empowered him with the knowledge, experience, and compassion to deal with many issues seriously effecting the people of NSW, particularly those in rural and regional communities.

Robert continues to pragmatically and successfully deal with the government to ensure shooters, fishers, and farmers rights are not undermined. He remains one of the strongest advocates against the insidious advance of animal rights extremists and dangerous left leaning ideologies.

Robert Borsak

“Personally, I resent being viewed or treated by anyone as a criminal in waiting. It is plainly just not acceptable.”
Since he came into Parliament in 2010, Robert Borsak has built a reputation as a fearless representative and advocate for shooters, hunters, fishers, and farmers across NSW. Outspoken and principled, Robert has consistently fought for the rights of everyday Australians to live their lives without undue constraint.

Born in Sydney and schooled in Ashfield, Robert has spent most of his life as a successful businessman and accountant, during which time he has been chairman of the Brooker Holdings Group, manufacturers of aluminium boats and trailers, and many other companies.

Robert was elected as the Shooters and Fishers Party MLC in the Upper House following the sudden death of his friend and colleague, Roy Smith, in July 2010. “Semi-retired” at the time, Robert was the only real choice, having worked closely with the world’s first Shooters MP, John Tingle, and Robert Brown MLC. Robert has served as Chairman of the Shooters and Fishers Party, strategically ensuring the growth and success of the Party.

Prior to being elected, Robert also acted as Chairman of the ground-breaking Game Council of NSW, which set the standard for conservation hunting in Australia.

The keenest of hunters, Robert has chased trophy game all over the world, yet revels in bird and small game shooting and fine rifle collecting. As a child, he spearfished. Today, he fishes for trout. He continues to live in Ashfield with his wife Cheryl, whom he met while scouting, and is the proud father of three children and two grandchildren.

More than three decades of experience in business and management coupled with his love for the outdoors perfectly positions Robert to take on the issues that face not only shooters, fishers, and farmers, but city-centric affairs too, such as local government and the economy.

Philip Donato

"The National Party has forgotten the people they are supposed to represent. Rural communities deserve better."

Philip Donato is the first Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MP elected to the Lower House of any Parliament in Australia.

Mr Donato, a Police Prosecutor for 16 years, was elected as Member for Orange in a by-election on 12 November 2016 with the largest swing in New South Wales political history.

He knows that the National Party has forgotten regional NSW as they just do whatever the Liberal Party tells them: whether it's supporting the greyhound racing ban, privatising Essential Energy to place 200 local jobs at risk, or trying to force the merger of Orange, Cabonne and Blayney Councils.

Philip Donato is a strong advocate for the Central West and leaves no holds barred when it comes to fighting for his community.