Our People  -  Meet your Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party representatives

Robert Borsak

NSW Upper House Member

Since he came into Parliament in 2010, Robert Borsak has built a reputation as a fearless representative and advocate for shooters, hunters, fishers, and farmers across NSW. Outspoken and principled, Robert has consistently fought for the rights of everyday Australians to live their lives without undue constraint.

Born in Sydney and schooled in Ashfield, Robert has spent most of his life as a successful businessman and accountant, during which time he has been chairman of the Brooker Holdings Group, manufacturers of aluminium boats and trailers, and many other companies.

Robert was elected as the Shooters and Fishers Party MLC in the Upper House following the sudden death of his friend and colleague Roy Smith in 2010. “Semi-retired” at the time Robert was the only real choice after having worked closely with the Shooters MP John Tingle and Robert Brown.

Robert has served as Chairman of the Shooters and Fishers Party, strategically ensuring the growth and success of the Party. Prior to being elected, Robert also acted as Chairman of the ground-breaking Game Council of NSW, which set the standard for conservation hunting in Australia.

Robert enjoys all forms of hunting and fishing.

He continues to live in Ashfield with his wife Cheryl, whom he met while scouting, and is the proud father of three children and two grandchildren.

He resents shooters and hunters being viewed or treated by anyone as a criminal in waiting. He has been a staunch advocate for various groups who are culturally under attack by the Greens and the major parties.

Brett Cooke

NSW Upper House Candidate State Election 2019

Brett Cooke is currently employed as a Senior Electorate Officer for Philip Donato, the party's first Lower House Member of Parliament. 

In his role, Brett has been avidly involved with representatives at all levels of Government, but more importantly dealing with and fighting for constituents across the State. This includes many workplace associations, lobby groups, medical bodies, emergency services, education centres, primary industries, employees, community groups and many more. 

Brett has been a keen hunter and fisher his whole life.

Brett has always stood up for Regional NSW with commitment, passion and dedication in the conduct of his work.

His rural upbringing coupled with his employment in the agricultural, aviation, police, justice sector and the hunting industry have given him a considerable professional and personal experience. 

Raphael Bongomin

Oatley District Candidate

Raphael is a local resident who put his hand up when this Government tried to lock-out recreational fishermen in Sydney.

For eight years now this Government has allowed over development in this electorate. The suburbs of Hurstville, Oatley and Penshurst have effectively been handed over to developers. Our historical architecture is being destroyed and replaced by high rise buildings for a quick dollar.

This over population has not only created grid lock on our public transport, but they have taken away important green spaces for our children to enjoy.

This Government's priorities are misplaced. This electorate needs sustainable development not over development.

Like you, Raphael is sick of not being consulted on things that matter to this community by an ignorant government.

Mark Banasiak

NSW Upper House Candidate State Election 2019

Mark Banasiak is a high school teacher with 15 year’s experience in NSW public schools receiving recognition at both a regional and ministerial level for excellence in education delivery.

The keenest of recreational hunters and fishers, Mark has been involved in various associations and groups for over 15 years. He is currently the Chair of Federation of Hunting Clubs which has grown from 36 to 51 clubs under his leadership. 

Mark is passionate about advancing the rights, freedoms and cultures of all law-abiding shooters, fishers and farmers. 

Mark understands that Regional NSW, under the major parties, has been getting a raw deal. 

Rodney Franich

Penrith District Candidate

Fighting to protect our rights, freedoms and cultures for generations to come.

Nadrra Sarkis

Maitland District Candidate

Nadrra is a local who has had a gut full of this Government's priorities. Life does exist north of Sydney and it's time that his community received the same level of services afforded to those in the city.

This Government has a proven track record of shutting down industries. They tried it with the greyhound racing industry, and they have closed regional TAFE campuses across the State.

While this Government rubber stamps billion-dollar Sydney stadiums and museums, our hospitals are understaffed, we need more teachers, and we need more police resources.

Nadrra wants to represent you and ensure that the electorate of Maitland gets its fair share.


Jeffrey Bacon

Tamworth District Candidate

Jeff is born and raised in the Tamworth district. He grew up on a cattle farm south of Breeza.

Since 2007, Jeff has been a small business owner, running his own heavy diesel repair company servicing the needs of his customers and farmers across the district.

Jeff is the current President of the Tamworth Branch of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party. He is a proud law-abiding firearms owner, hunter, and fisher.

Only with a truly country focused and powerful political party like the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party can Tamworth get what it deserves.

Jason Bolwell

Wollondilly District Candidate

Jason is a small business owner and greyhound breeder and trainer operating out of Picton.

Sebastian McDonagh

Wagga Wagga District Candidate

Seb currently works for TAFE NSW and has a background in healthcare and farming. He is a keen shooter and fisher.

Stuart Davidson

Coffs Harbour District Candidate

When you have a candidate that’s lived in regional NSW for 35 years, you know you’re getting the real deal. 

Like many others he has had enough of the constant neglect and lies from the National Party.

As the Shooters Fishers and Farmers representative, Stuart wants to be the strong voice of Coffs Harbour and fight for a better deal for Coffs Harbour

Rayne Single

Northern Tablelands District Candidate

Rayne is an electrical fitter who has had enough with the major parties and the big end of town in Sydney making poor decisions that negatively affect his regional community.

He loves his area. Born, bred and educated in Armidale, he works across the Northern Tablelands.

Rayne is married and is planning on raising his family in the district.

Matthew Stadtmiller

Cootamundra District Candidate

Matthew was born and raised in Harden-Murrumburrah. He manages his own successful independent newsletter out of Harden and is a local councillor for Hilltops Council.

He is a proud country boy having attend school and played rugby union in the district.  

Matthew is a former member of Flexible Care, an organisation which looks after the welfare of disabled, sick and elderly people in the local area.

He established his own independent newspaper, the Twin Town Times, with its first edition being published on 12 January 2014.

In 2016, Matthew was one of a large number of councillors across NSW who were sacked when former Premier forcibly amalgamated local councils across the State.

Matthew is married to his wife Nysa. Together they are raising their baby daughter.

Matthew loves working with horses, tending to his sheep, fishing and is the keenest of sportsman.

Matthew ran as the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party candidate in the 2017 Cootamundra by-election securing over 23% of the primary vote in his first election. He believes the Nationals long hold over the district have left his community forgotten and unheard.  

Larry Freeman

Gosford District Candidate

Larry has lived on the Central Coast for 50 years and heard many promises from Sydney-based politicians.

But never more than what he heard during the by-election last year, when the NSW premier visited his community and promised the world.

It’s no surprise that she hasn’t been back since.

As the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate for Gosford, and someone that’s lived on the coast for half a century, Larry can get things done.

Philip Donato

Member for Orange

Philip Donato is the first Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MP elected to the Lower House of any Parliament in Australia.

Mr Donato, a Police Prosecutor for 16 years, was elected as Member for Orange in a by-election on 12 November 2016 with the largest swing in New South Wales political history.

He knows that the National Party has forgotten regional NSW as they just do whatever the Liberal Party tells them.

Philip Donato is a strong advocate for the Central West and leaves no holds barred when it comes to fighting for his community.

He has been able to force the Government to deliver millions of dollars of funding and representation to his district. Only Philip Donato can hold both major parties to account. 


Dean Saul

Oxley District Candidate

Dean is a local resident who has had a gutful of this ignorant Government. He believes in increased investment and funding for his electorate which has been ignored. Dean will stand by the residents of his electorate on many key issues issues.

Oxley Deserves Better

Stephen Rhett Cansdell

Clarence District Candidate

Steve is the former Nationals member for Clarence and Australian boxing champion who left that party following its failed track record on sticking up for regional communities and country people.

Brenden May

Bathurst District Candidate

Brendan is a potato farmer from Millthorpe and a former high school teacher.

Roy Butler

Barwon District Candidate

Roy lives in Mendooran along with his wife and three kids. His work has taken him across the vast Barwon district.

Roy understands that his constituents need a real voice for the bush in Macquarie Street, not someone who will just toe the party line.

Roy believes that kids in his community deserve the same opportunities in life as those living in Sydney.

Currently Roy is touring the entire district to speak with locals on ways to attract people and businesses to stay and work in Barwon.

Mick Holton

Monaro District Candidate

Mick is the President of the Volunteer Fire Fighters Association. He manages a successful small consulting business with his wife Jeanette.

Helen Dalton

Candidate for Murray District

Helen is a farmer and former teacher with a proven track record in fighting for farmers rights, especially on water and property rights. She is a mother of four and the  Nuffield scholar.

Helen is passionate about rural communities, the environment and getting regional and rural areas issues heard.

Helen is holding the Nationals to account in her district of Murray for failing to stand up for the rights of farmers in the Murray Darling Basin Plan and the River Red Gums.

She will be contesting the Murray district for the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party after narrowly being defeated in the 2017 Murray by-election.

Helen is a true country representative who understands the city country divide has delivered poor outcomes for her community which often suffers from the tyranny of distance. 

Lee Watts

Upper Hunter District Candidate

Lee is a marriage celebrant, community centre manager, councillor and fighter for Upper Hunter.

Lee has served on the Upper Hunter Shire Council as a Councillor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor. During her term as Mayor she was the recipient of the Bluett Award which is the greatest accolade a council can achieve. 

She has managed Scone Neighbourhood Centres for more than 20 years.

She helped establish the Upper Hunter Men’s Shed and the Aberdeen Shed where she is now an honorary female member. 

With Lee “Watt You See Is Watt You Get”

Lara Quealy

Dubbo District Candidate

As a lifelong farmer for Trangie, Lara knows firsthand how tough people are doing it out west.

Lara is sick of the neglect shown by the NSW Government in country towns and she wants to ensure Dubbo gets the sort of services Sydneysiders takes for granted.

Dubbo has been neglected for far too long, enough is enough.

Shane Djuric

Hawkesbury District Candidate

Shane is a third generation Hawkesbury farmer. He was born in Windsor and has lived in there for the last 47 years.

He comes from a family of honey producers who have been working in the community since the 1960’s.

Shane shares your disappointment and frustration at the lack of genuine representation in the Hawkesbury region.

Hawkesbury deserves better.

Andy Wood

Goulburn District Candidate

Andy has lived in Goulburn for over 16 years. He is a high school teacher and an active member of the local community.

Living in Regional NSW, Andy believes the Goulburn region needs a strong local representative that understands the issues that farmers and other local people in the community face daily.

Goulburn needs solutions, not promises.

Eric Thomas

Bega District Candidate

Eric has lived in Eden for nearly 40 years and has been involved in the commercial fishing industry and frontline conservation for the best part of this time. He believes management and better utilisation of our natural resources should be a high priority for any government. He wants to attract people and business to stay and work in the Bega electorate. Its time to let the North Shore liberals know that life exists outside of Sydney.

Bega Deserves Better!

Robert Elliott

Myall Lakes District Candidate

Josh Turnbull

Coogee District Candidate

Josh is a local resident who put his hand up when this Government tried to lock-out recreational fishermen in Sydney.

For four years people have been inconvenienced and small businesses have been ruined by the Liberals botched light rail project to nowhere. Work commutes are even more complicated now, with bus services changed and people having to travel longer distances to work.

This Government's priorities are misplaced. This electorate needs sustainable development not over development.

Like you, Josh is sick of not being consulted on things that matter to this community by an ignorant government. Josh wants to represent Coogee and will always consult and listen to you.