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SFF TAS 2024 State Election Candidates

The 2024 Tasmanian State Election is just around the corner. 

Here are your Shooters Fishers and Farmers Candidates


While we all share the common goal of enhancing community safety, I firmly believe that the Bill, as currently drafted, constitutes an unjustified attack on law-abiding firearm ownership. It appears to be driven more by political concerns than by evidence-based policy making. Rather than targeting responsible firearm owners, I believe that our efforts should be focused on increasing penalties for firearm theft, being in possession of stolen firearms, and the like. The introduction of tougher sentencing for such crimes would undoubtedly be a step in the right direction rather than demonizing licensed firearm holders as this Bill does in its current state. 

Newsletter April 2023

Newsletter March 2022

You may have heard there will be a Federal election this May 2022. 

Post election washup

The votes we received at the State election is extremely encouraging.  A few more and we would have had a member in parliament.

2021 State Election Results - Media Release

2021 Policies

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State Election 2021 - Candidates

Here are the SFF candidates for the 2021 Tasmania State Election

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