Animal Extremism v Common Sense: We will win this war

Opinion - after eight years of inaction by the NSW Government, there's only one way ordinary Australians can win this war against the extremists 



There has been a war raging for years between extreme animal rights groups and the common sense majority.

This war makes headlines sporadically, but it wasn’t until until Sunday night that the other side brought the war to the doorsteps of ordinary, law-abiding Australians.

This is when a group of animal activists published the names, addresses and contact details of families in the agriculture industry

The people behind the Aussie Farms page cannot be reasoned with, I’ve come across this type of activist before. It’s hard to imagine, but until no one owns an animal of any kind, no one is allowed to eat meat and everyone follows their ideals, they will continue to pursue us all. They have proven that with this website.

They don’t want you to own a cat, dog or goldfish. Milo and Otis are out the door and so is Nemo. Owning Pets is evil in their mind.

Industries which are part of our culture, heritage and traditions would be closed down in their perfect world. Own a horse or have a punt? Not anymore and it’s round two for greyhounds. Hobbies which provide people with their livelihood will be closed down, death by a thousand cuts if we let it happen.

Going to a zoo or watching amazing athletes like cowboys and cowgirls at a rodeo would be no more, according to the extreme animals rights diet. 

Vermin such as wild pigs and rabbits would be allowed to multiply and roam free devastating the landscape in their utopia. 

Forget our nation riding on the sheep’s back. Carpet in our home, clothes on our back, these common sense needs aren’t allowed in their paradise. They would much rather sheep grow so much wool over their life that they couldn’t move. In fact, they would rather sheep not exist at all. 

Bees in a hive providing honey for our toast or having milk in our cereal will all cease to exist if this lot get their way. 

Don’t think about eating meat. It won’t happen in the world of the extreme animal rights activists. Forget steak, chicken nuggets or lamb cutlets on Australia Day.

The publishing of personal information of families in the agriculture industry is an attempt by this deranged mob to classify them into a new category by design. They want regular mum and dad farmers to be seen as extreme by society. The only people who should be seen as extreme is the extreme animal rights groups and their agendas.

They want regular Australians to assist them in their pursuit of their ideology. They want to insinuate that because farmers are listed on their site they have somehow done something wrong. 

These people are agricultural terrorists. They want others to invade a farmer's property on their behalf and capture footage, photos or documents. 

They can not ascertain the vailidity of anything that is supplied to them. Nor do they care, especially if it suits their final outcome, a world without meat, without animals and without farmers. Without us. 

For those hoping this lot would disappear or be drowned out, you must now act. For those hoping someone else would solve the problem and their farm would be left alone, now they are coming for you as well.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers are the only party standing up to these loony tunes.

The Coalition has been in Government for eight years, the same time it has taken to compile and launch this website which is riddled with errors.

The Coalition have done nothing and will do nothing to protect our farms, if they wanted to they would have by now. Our families and our livelihoods have been deserted by the National Party. They are too busy selling our farms off to foreign investors than to fight for us and protect us from internal attacks.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers MLC Robert Borsak has seen this coming for a long time now. Late last year, he chaired a parliamentary inquiry on Landowner Protection from Unauthorised Filming or Surveillance, exactly what this so called Aussie Farms group is trying to undertake against our mum and dad farmers and their farms. 

Trespassing, endangering animals, traumatising animals for their fundraising purposes and invading the homes of farmers will become common place if we don’t protect farmers from these agricultural terrorists.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers supports the strengthening of the legislation which prevents these incursion from happening and the consequences for those engaging in trespass and animal cruelty. The SFF believes in the protection of one's home and property and supports the defence of these inalienable rights above those intruding on and invading our land. 

It’s time to put your faith in a party who can protect you and has the metal to fight back against those who try to destroy you.

This election, vote for your local SFF candidate and make sure that the SFF are returned overwhelmingly in the upper house. 

The war is upon us. It’s time to support those who will fight to defend you. 

Matt Stadtmiller — SFF candidate for Cootamundra