Berejiklian Government Propose New Green Tax

The Government’s plan under Environment Minister Matt Kean to introduce a carbon tax will drive up taxation in the State whilst driving down economic activity, according to leader of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party, Robert Borsak.  

“Matt Kean has announced that this Government is going to tax New South Wales businesses into a green economy,” said Mr Borsak. 

“That can only mean one thing- a carbon tax- which means more tax for the people of New South Wales, less economic activity and the world’s highest priced electricity to boot. 

"This Government thinks it can spend its way into prosperity. 

"We've already got some of the highest electricity prices in the world and they want to ratchet this up a few notches just to kill any last prospect of an industry led economic recovery.  

"This will cost manufacturing, farming, and big and small business across the board. If you use power - it will cost you, and it will cost the jobs that we so desperately need right now,” said Mr Borsak.  

Mr Borsak’s comments come after the release of the pro-renewable paper by the left-wing think tank group, Blueprint Institute, controlled by Liberal powerbroker Michael Photios. 

"The NSW government is clearly in the open control of a Leftist faction run by a lobbyist,” Mr Borsak said.  

“This isn’t, and probably never was a true conservative, economically focused, pro-business Liberal/National government. It is more interested in the areas of policy traditionally covered by Labor and the Greens. 

“They have set up their own ‘think tank’, that is staffed by cronies, supplying sham papers to justify the spending of taxpayer’s money, and increasing taxes.  

“The unfettered ability for this Government to just spend, spend, spend, under the cover of the Covid19 pandemic, allows these crony socialists unlimited access to the Treasury of New South Wales. 

"With the integrity of this Government at an all-time low, it's hardly surprising that they would take the lead on this from vested interests and lobbyists. 

"Berejiklian is the front and centre of this thrust to the heart of business and the bush. 

“By her very life experience, she doesn’t know or understand what it takes to grow a crop, fight a fire or go without water and an income. Let alone run a small business, pay wages, payroll tax, land tax or indeed incur any of the business risks that come with the territory of creating real economic activity, employment, long term wealth and jobs. 

“This Liberal/National Government is going to crush New South Wales under the burden of green taxes at a time when we've got record debt, record unemployment and rural towns on their knees. It's simply mind boggling that a new tax would be considered at a time like this” said Mr Borsak. 

Click here to download a copy of the press release.