Spend the $1.5bn on Cootamundra Instead of the Powerhouse Museum Shift

Robert Borsak is sick of the New South Wales Government making a mockery of his Powerhouse Museum inquiry.


Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak today called on Premier Gladys Berejiklian to scrap the relocation of the Powerhouse Museum and spend the $1.5 billion on the Cootamundra electorate instead.

Mr Borsak is the Chair of an Upper House Parliamentary inquiry into the move and is frustrated by Government attempts to keep the details of the shift secret.

“This whole plan is a joke,” Mr Borsak said. 

“Sydney doesn’t deserve another billion dollar impulse buy. 

“Gladys Berejiklian wants to spend $1.5 billion to move the Powerhouse Museum from one side of Sydney to the other.

“I'm the Chair of a Parliamentary inquiry into this whole mess, and the National Party and Liberal Party Government has made a mockery of my inquiry. 

“All the Government witnesses are hiding behind ‘Cabinet-in-Confidence’ claims to hide the details of why they want to move this museum. 

“What we do know is that Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian seem to have made this plan before settling on the details of the final business case.

“That means that they wanted to move this Museum around Sydney before finding out how much it would cost or whether the plan is value for money. 

“I'm calling on Gladys Berejiklian to scrap the plan to move this Sydney museum and to spend the $1.5 billion on the Cootamundra electorate instead. 

“This region needs the money much more than Sydney does.”

Matthew Stadtmiller and Robert Borsak.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Cootamundra by-election candidate Matthew Stadtmiller agrees that this electorate needs the funding more than Sydney. 

“Rather than spending $1.5 billion on shuffling the location of one Sydney museum, I'd rather see the money spent here in the bush,” Mr Stadtmiller said. 

“$2.45 million for the Hilltops Council merger; $3.26 million for basic school maintenance; our hospitals need funding; Police LACs are being merged to cut costs; power bills are rising. 

“We need this $1.5 billion here instead of the city.

“The National Party should be arguing this case but they’re just doing whatever the city-Liberals tell them to do.” 

Download Robert Borsak's press release here.