Borsak Seeks Clarification on Hunting

Leader of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party, Robert Borsak has sought clarification from the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and the acting Minister for Sport with regards to hunting and fishing activities being classified as a permissible sport under new health orders.

“We are pleased with the announcement yesterday that recreational fishing is now allowed, however, we seek the same clarification with hunting,” said Mr Borsak.

Mr Borsak wrote:

“Given that individual sports are, compliant with exercise in Public Health Order dated 30 March 2020, I seek urgent clarification that individual sports of both hunting and fishing which involve gatherings of two people or less are compliant in the same manner as what golf and tennis are. As stated in the email, it is important to maintain the public’s physical and mental well-being, and for many in our communities across rural and regional New South Wales, this is achieved through exercising in their chosen sports of either or both of hunting and fishing.”

“If the public are able to exercise passively in a park, then the same should apply in the bush whilst hunting, or at your favourite fishing spot, provided the current health advice is followed.

“Many of us hunt and fish for food to feed our families. During these incredibly uncertain times, food security is of utmost importance. Hunters and fishers reduce the strain on supermarkets and provide food for their families.

“We have seen some common sense prevail with recreational fishing, now it is time for our Ministers to apply that same common sense to hunting.

“Government messaging regarding the crisis has been very inconsistent and confusing. Many SFF members and constituents are seeking clarity on a number of decisions, and I now seek that clarification on their behalf.

“Hunting is a healthy and safe way for many regional and rural people to get exercise and feed their families. There is absolutely no reason why this should not be allowed," saod Mr Borsak.