Borsak Vindicated

Robert Borsak has been fighting perjury charges from 2016 relating to a successful civil proceeding that he and a business partner brought on in 2010 and 2011.

Throughout the entire process Mr Borsak maintained his innocence and those charges have now been withdrawn by the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions.

Robert Borsak MLC

Shooters Fishers and Farmers MLC Robert Borsak today announced that the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions has formally withdrawn all charges of perjury against him. These charges arose from testimony that he had given in a successful civil proceeding brought on by Mr Borsak and his business partner in the NSW Supreme Court in 2010 and 2011. 

Relevant Court orders confirming the complete withdrawal of the charges were made last Thursday, February 23.

Mr Borsak said that he is pleased that this long-running saga has come to an end.

“It is a relief to have finally been vindicated,” he said.

“I have always said that the allegations of perjury against me were unjustified.

“All charges against me have now been withdrawn after submissions and evidence provided to the DPP by my lawyers that showed the fundamental flaws in the prosecution case.

“I can now re-direct my full energies back into my role in holding the NSW Government to account without distraction”.


Robert Borsak gave evidence in a civil proceeding in the NSW Supreme Court in 2010 and 2011.

Approximately 5 years later, in January 2016, the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) charged Mr Borsak with perjury in relation to certain aspects of that evidence.

An application was made to the DPP by Mr Borsak’s lawyers, Watson Mangioni, in April 2016 to have the charges withdrawn. After consideration of that application, the DPP formally withdrew some of the charges in August 2016.

A second application comprising additional submissions and new evidence was made to the DPP in November 2016. After consideration of that further application, the DPP formally withdrew the remaining charges in February 2017.

Download Robert Borsak's press release.