Borsak: "Commission Kaldas"

After a litany of debacles at the very top of the NSW Police, there's only one person suited to take the helm: Nick Kaldas.

NSW Police

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak called on Premier Mike Baird and Police Minister Troy Grant to end the circus that has been the leadership succession speculation in the New South Wales Police and take the only sensible course of action: commission Nick Kaldas as Police Commissioner.

"All along there's been one option open to Mike Baird to solve the tension at the very top of the NSW Police, and that's making Nick Kaldas the Commissioner of Police," Mr Borsak said.

"What's come out of the inquiry into the Lindt Cafe siege has confirmed the issues in our Police that I have feared all along, and we're well overdue for a change.

"Nick Kaldas would not rest and certainly would not be off duty when our state's largest city was in a crisis. He would show the leadership needed to resolve the crisis and make our state safe.

"Mr Kaldas already has an esteemed record in combating Islamic terrorism internationally, and is just the man we need in these uncertain times: he is an operational expert, not just a pencil-pusher.

"Our safety cannot continue to be put at risk by parochial squabbles or tokenistic gestures when it comes to the structure of our Police Force.

"Tuesday night's knife attack on a British backpacker in Queensland just shows that the threat of Islamic terrorism is not going away. Appointing a terrorism expert like Nick Kaldas as Police Commissioner is the only effective response."

Mr Borsak's call joins similar sentiment from the Christian Democratic Party, Labor and The Greens.

Download Robert Borsak's press release here.