Cowra Hospital Deserves More Funding

Despite having Premier Gladys Berejiklian visit town last week, Cowra District Hospital needs some urgent attention.

Matthew Stadtmiller at Cowra Hospital

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Cootamundra by-election candidate Matthew Stadtmiller called on New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard to increase funding for Cowra District Hospital.

“While there’s a $4.5 billion budget surplus, our electorate should be getting a share of that funding because it’s desperately needed,” Mr Stadtmiller said.

“Cowra District Hospital has a 49-day waiting time for elective surgery – among the State’s highest – and only 43 per cent of patients rate the service at Cowra’s Emergency Department as being ‘very good’.

“Our doctors and nurses do the best job they can with the resources they’re given but they clearly need more funding and resources to give Cowra the health services it deserves.

“By comparison, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in the city has a 14-day waiting time for elective surgery and a majority of patients presenting to their Emergency Department rate the service there as ‘very good’.

“Why should we settle for second best just because we don’t live in Sydney?

"I want to use the exposure from this by-election to highlight the fact that everything isn't hunky dory with the National Party representing us. 

"There's a lot here that's not as it should be, and we clearly need more attention from the State Government.

"The Premier was here last week and she didn't make a single announcement about hospital funding. Instead she was just parading the National Party candidate around town.

“Cowra deserves better.”

Download Matthew Stadtmiller's press release here.