Gov't Wants Debt Collectors to be Unlicenced

Debt collectors are currently licenced to protect people when they're at their most vulnerable - but not for long...

Debt collectors to be unlicenced.

The NSW Government is about to introduce a bill to deregulate debt collectors - removing the requirements for them to have a licence before entering the industry.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak alerted 2GB's Ray Hadley of the Government's plan earlier this morning.

"The Fair Trading Amendment (Commercial Agents) Bill will deregulate and de-licence debt collectors," Mr Borsak said.

"This will mean that a debt collector will no longer have to apply for a licence and will be excluded from the industry if they are from an unsavoury background.

"It will be a bit late to complain when a bikie's already knocked on your door asking for money you allegedly owe."

Mr Hadley added: "How can they exclude people from the industry when a licence process isn't in place?"

"I smell a rat, Robert. I smell a rat... We're going back to the dim Dark Ages," he said.

Mr Borsak will be speaking to Mr Hadley tomorrow after his briefing by the NSW Government on this bill today.