Donate Daryl's Dough to Drought Relief

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Wagga by-election candidate Seb McDonagh is calling on the Liberal Party to donate the equivalent of disgraced MP Daryl Maguire’s multi-million dollar lifetime pension to drought charity Aussie Helpers

Daryl Maguire

“Daryl Maguire is resigning because of serious corruption charges. Why should taxpayers foot the bill for a costly by-election and generous pension?” Mr McDonagh asked.

The Daily Advertiser reported the outgoing Liberal MP will be paid upwards of $140,000 a year for the rest of his life. On top of that, taxpayers will also pay more than $700,000 for the Wagga by-election.

“Over the next 15 years, the total cost to us – the taxpayers – will be more than $2 million dollars.”

“This is a disgrace. The Liberals do wrong, and we pay.”

“What I’m saying is Liberal Party MPs should get together the raise the $2 million themselves. They can donate from their big pay packets. Or they can ask their developer mates”.

“It’s unfair for ordinary Wagga residents to have to pay.”

“The major parties created these ridiculous rules. Do we get $140,000 a year when we quit our jobs? No. And definitely not when we have done the wrong thing.”

Wagga is going to a by-election on September 8. This is due to Mr Maguire’s resignation over Independent Commission Against Corruption revelations that he sought secret commissions from a Chinese developer.

Mr McDonagh said drought charity Aussie Helpers need the money a lot more than Daryl, the Liberals or Chinese developers.

“The Liberals say they care about farmers doing it tough. They say they’re sorry about Daryl”.

“I say, stop talking and show us the money”.

“This is the only way they can prove to Wagga they are sorry for what happened and will change their ways.”

Stadium challenge

Mr McDonagh also said if elected, he will call on all regional MPs – regardless of political party – to band together and block the $2 billion the NSW Government is spending on rebuilding Sydney stadiums. ‘

“I want to see National and Liberal MPs crossing the floor and fighting for their region. Together, we can block this ridiculous waste, and redirect the $2 billion on regional health, education and roads”.

“This by-election is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Wagga”.

 “The Liberals have held this seat since 1957. It’s no surprise that nothing gets done.”

Mr McDonagh said the town of Orange has received a massive windfall from the NSW Government ever since the SFF won the seat from the government in 2016. 

“Orange is the new black for the NSW Government. They even moved the Department of Primary Industries there, creating 220 jobs and bringing $30 million into the town”.

“What do we get for loyalty to the Libs? Let’s follow Orange’s lead”.