Donato stands with local surveyors and lawyers opposed to LPI sell-off

The New South Wales Government quietly rushed the sale of the land titles registry through Parliament last year, and local surveyors in the Central West aren't pleased.


Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Member for Orange Philip Donato called-on the Government to show some sense and scrap the proposed sell-off of the land and Property Information (LPI) office – the Government body that manages land titles. 

The bill for the land titles registry sell-off was rushed through Parliament with opposition from the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party in the Upper House. 

“Selling-off any Government body that’s not bolted down is bad policy,” Mr Donato said.

“What we’re going to find from selling the land titles registry is that the quality of our information on who owns what will suffer.

“We may end up like other jurisdictions in the United States where people have to purchase ‘titles insurance’ to safeguard against inaccurate titles information when purchasing a house. It’s just not good enough.” 

Philip Donato

Mr Donato’s sentiments were echoed by members of the Central Western Group of The Institution of Surveyors and the New South Wales Law Society. 

“This decision to sell off our titles registry was rushed through last year during the orange by-election without proper scrutiny and people are only just finding out about it.

“It will affect all of us: whether you’re buying a home or making a will – all this fundamental information we take for granted will be put at risk.” 

Mr Donato will be joining a protest by the New South Wales Law Society against the LPI office sell-off at midday today in Sydney.

Download Philip Donato's press release.