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Paul is a 58-year-old businessman who spent a lot of his early years in the Pilliga scrub, in western NSW. He possesses a strong volunteer ethic as a firefighter and Deputy Captain in his local brigade.  

Paul knows the importance of the family unit, being a committed father to Jack and Chloe.  

He enjoys bushwalking, fishing, hunting and camping. Holding several positions on both State and Federal government advisory panels, Paul has been responsible for driving change in the firearms industry over 18 years.  

After meeting with sporting colleagues, Paul learnt of the ongoing issues with residents in Southern and Western NSW. Water, hospitals, mental health and education are the backbones that all communities need to thrive and keep resilient.  

Without these services, communities diminish and, in turn, so does government funding. People leave their communities to seek "better" outcomes for their families, not only financially, but for their mental and physical health.   

Continual engagement must be sustained with the Aboriginal community to ensure that outreach programs are funded and accessibility to on-time health care programs is sustainable. 



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