The Economy  -  Federal Policy


In order to maintain Australia’s AAA credit rating, it is critical that the Australian Government drastically reduces its debt. We believe in an economy which puts Australian interests and individuals first, striking the right balance between industry and consumer costs. We will seek a level playing field on any Free Trade Agreements so that Australian consumers are not worse off.


Market Dominance: The rising cost of living affects all Australians. Yet, it seems every day we hear of ‘super profits’ of the monopolies and duopolies that control an ever increasing range of everyday, household essentials.

  • Support reasonable measures that will reduce market domination and increase competition in the retail sector covering basic items such as groceries, fuel and liquor.
  • Support stringent measures to reduce market dominance and increase competition in the retail sector covering agricultural products.


Mining and resources taxation: Mining is critical to the Australian economy and benefits all Australians, through taxation and employment. Mining and energy are property of the Crown, being the States, not the Commonwealth.

  • Call on the States and Territories to distribute State mining royalties directly to the Regions, particularly rural areas.


Small Business: Small businesses are the biggest employer in the country. Yet our taxation system and corporations law are all designed for the businesses at the big end of town.

  • Commit to working with small businesses to identify specific measures required to ease the burden on small business owners, especially in taxation and employment legislation.
  • We will commit to developing a fairer taxation of individuals compared to multi-national corporations, without putting undue stress on the rising cost of living.


Climate change: We will not support any initiatives that disadvantage Australian businesses, employment or citizens for little or no benefit to our lives or economy. This is especially the case when the major emitters of pollution are not committed likewise.  

  • Oppose any carbon tax.