Fishing  -  Federal Policy


Fishing is one of Australia’s most popular recreational activities, with enormous economic, cultural and social benefits. Fishers have increasingly become victims of green bureaucracy gone mad, while true facts and statistics are repeatedly ignored. We believe sustainable and viable recreational and commercial fishing can exist and expand.


  • Expand recreational fishing opportunities within Commonwealth waters.
  • Oppose the sale of Australian fish stocks to international fishing operations, including multinational super trawlers.
  • Support tougher sentencing of illegal poaching of Australian fish stocks.
  • Oppose unwarranted efforts on banning recreational fishing within Commonwealth marine reserves.  
  • Increase Commonwealth funding and cooperation with State and Territory Government’s to facilitate fish farming programs.
  • Support and promote national education on recreational and commercial fishing activities.
  • Support sustainable wild caught commercial fishing operations.
  • Cease Federal interference with State and Territory water management and fish conservation programs.