Foreign Affairs & Society  -  Federal Policy


Australia is an important player in the international arena. And as a first world country, we have moral obligation to assist less fortunate nations and peoples, particularly during natural disasters. However, this cannot be done at the expense of undermining domestic aid needs, border security and national sovereignty. We believe in a multicultural society, committed to AUSTRALIAN values of democracy and freedom above all else.


Border protection: Strongly support measures to significantly strengthen border security against illegal arrivals, illicit drugs, illegal firearms and other contraband.


Defence Funding: Australia is fundamentally reliant on agreements with powerful allies for the simple reason that Australia could not defend our borders adequately without these alliances. Consequently, Australia’s defence spending should be increased and closely aligned with the requirements to maintain those partnerships.

  • Increase investment in defence and rebuild our domestic skill base in the defence industries.


Population Growth: Australia is a large arid continent with a modest yet growing population. We recognise that the only long-term solution for sustainably managing our water, food production and other natural resources with our increasing population is for serious stakeholder debate and planning for how future needs will be met.

  • Commit to working with the government of the day to plan and implement real solutions to mitigate the negative effects of our growing and highly concentrated population.
  • Support offshore processing of illegal migrants.


Foreign Aid: Foreign aid should not be set at some arbitrary percentage of GDP, but rather to what we can afford without compromising domestic aid programs and the living and health status of Australian citizens.


Immigration: Immediate review of the impact of immigration and refugee impact on domestic aid supplies and projects.


Homelessness: As a developed nation, Australia’s homelessness levels are woeful. We need to build the resolve of the Government and community to address homelessness. 

  • Increased funding for homelessness and drug addiction research, strategy and innovative means of reducing homelessness in Australia.
  • Support increased infrastructure to alleviate homelessness.
  • Reject any international agreement, treaty or protocol unless such agreement is previously approved by the Federal Parliament.


Telecommunications: Regional and rural Australians have been unfairly disadvantaged by poor telecommunications services and access. In some areas, internet speeds, landline services, and satellite technologies are operating at levels below third world countries.

  • Support increased funding for telecommunications services specifically aimed at regional and rural access.
  • Oppose any transfer of State or Territory legislation to the Commonwealth without a mandate, achieved by Referendum.