Outdoor Recreation & Access  -  Federal Policy


Australia is fortunate to have vast areas of public land and public waters that are suitable for recreational use. Recreational access to these areas is too often denied by governments in the belief that the environment and biodiversity will be degraded unless locked up. We strongly support the right of access to public lands and waters for all recreational users to undertake lawful recreational activities.


  • Support and expand recreational access to the vast areas of public land and public waters suitable for recreational use.
  • Expand public land hunting programs and opportunities across Australia for all recreational hunters.
  • Expand sustainable, nature-based tourism.
  • Promote the expansion of private game reserves and remove red tape regulation for said reserves.
  • Enforce the Commonwealth anti-competition policy to remove competition barriers on game reserves across States and Territories.
  • Oppose the vilification of four-wheel driving and motoring enthusiasts, and expand tracks and access to National Parks.
  • Promote shooting, hunting and fishing as appropriate school activities.
  • Engage and work with all outdoor recreational groups and associations to deliver better outcomes for outdoor users.