Baird's backdown won't save his skin

We've been staunchly fighting Mike Baird and Troy Grant's greyhound racing ban.  Whispers that the ban may be repealed are just political window-dressing for the Orange by-election unless key issues are fixed.


Shooters Fishers and Farmers MLC Robert Borsak called-out Mike Baird's shallow attempt to save his own leadership and prevent a loss at the Orange by-election by talking of reversing the greyhound racing ban.

"Mike Baird and Troy Grant are barely keeping their heads above water, and now they're talking of reversing the greyhound racing ban to save their own skins - and prevent a wipeout in the Orange by-election," Mr Borsak said.

"We have a strong candidate in Philip Donato and the Liberals and Nationals are just running-scared at the traction he's getting in the community.

Greyhound protest

"There are only two sitting weeks left before the Orange by-election, and the Government will have to pull their finger out to get something through Parliament in time."

Mr Borsak added that anything short of the following is just political window-dressing and won't support the greyhound racing industry:

  1. A full reversal of the greyhound racing ban, no ifs no buts
  2. Giving the industry the ability to self-govern
  3. Restoring all the revenue and taxation under the intercode and tax sharing agreements that sends greyhound racing's profits to horse racing.
  4. Compensation for past transfers of revenue to upgrade all tracks and facilities to the latest standards state wide
  5. No forced closure of any tracks without local community support.


"A reversal of the greyhound racing ban is one thing, but unless key issues are addressed by the Government, they'll just be doing what Government's always do - stealthily killing an industry by over-regulation," he said.

"The board of Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) needs to be comprised of people with greyhound experience, appointed by the industry itself - not just Ministerial appointees pushing the Government's agenda.

"Last year, up to $35m of revenue and tax relief from greyhound racing was channeled into other codes under the intercode and tax adjustment agreements. Unless greyhound racing gets its fair share of revenue and tax concessions, anything coming out the other side of this ban will have a hole in its heart and will fail.

"I call on Mike Baird to grow a backbone and adopt these considerations in his announcement of the ban reversal today."

Premier Mike Baird is due to announce a reversal of the greyhound racing ban today.

Download Robert Borsak's press release here.