Greyhound Welfare Commission CEO Must Go!

Robert Borsak has called on the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson, who is the Minister responsible for greyhound racing and administration, to sack Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission’s (GWIC) CEO, following the disgraceful attack’s on greyhound owners for using horse meat.

The CEO Judith Lind has expressed her personal dislike for the use of knackery meat through five rulings against greyhound owners for supplying their greyhounds with the protein required for high performance,
which is common practice in the industry.

The rulings against Darryl Thomas, Lindsay Davis, Melanie Mabbott, Robert Groizard Jnr and Shane Hill, include suspensions ranging from 20-26 weeks.

“Where in the GWIC code of practice does it say that participants cannot feed their greyhound’s knackery meat?

“This is the personal opinion of the CEO and it has no place in this ruling or in the governance of the industry,” said Mr Borsak.

One ruling Mr Borsak refers to states, “knackery meat is an unacceptable practice and must stop.”

From this latest episode, it does appear that what the industry suspects, is actually happening. That is, that GWIC has an agenda to strangle the industry by increasing compliance costs, limiting sources of the best protein, and heavily fining members who don’t comply.

“This is more evidence that the animal rights movement has infiltrated the greyhound racing industry,” said Mr Borsak.

“Is Ms Lind proving her animal rights credentials by attempting to wipe out the use of horse meat?

 “These dogs are carnivores and they require protein to perform at an optimum level.

“I have spoken with the Minister and he agrees that horse meat is an acceptable and cost affective source of protein for greyhounds.

“These rulings are out of line and something needs to be done.

“Judith Lind should be sacked as the CEO of GWIC immediately, the industry has no confidence in her,” said Mr Borsak.

Download a PDF copy of the press release here.