Why did Griffith miss out on NSW Budget funding for its hospital?

A Griffith child still has to travel two hours to treat a broken arm. We can't afford more broken promises, says SFF spokeswoman Helen Dalton 


No fracture clinic. No orthopaedic surgeon. No new money for our hospital in the NSW Budget. 

And what do we get now? More promises.  

“NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro made a rushed trip to Griffith on Friday, to once again promise Griffith a hospital,” Mrs Dalton said.

“But everyone knows – If it’s not allocated in the budget, they have no obligation to give us a cent.”

“Griffith will not be fooled again”.

NSW Government promised Griffith a new hospital last year. They pledged an initial $35 million for Stage 1 of a new hospital, adding they’d be much more to come.

However, in last Tuesday’s Budget, just $6 million was allocated for spending during the 2018-19 financial year. There is no further funding, despite the fact a new hospital will cost more than $200 million.

“Nationals member for Murray Austin Evans said we missed out on budget funding because ‘the final costings from the masterplan have yet to be made’. This is rubbish. They already knew $35 million was needed for Stage 1. Why couldn’t we at least get that much?” Mrs Dalton said

“A whopping $740 million was allocated to Sydney’s Liverpool hospital. Yet we get $6 million. Where’s the justice in that? Liverpool already has all the services. We have to travel more than two hours if we fracture our arm”.

“The NSW Government promised us $35 million. They lied. Who can believe anything they say now?”.

 “The Nationals have been in power for 34 years. They now take it for granted that they’ll always win. So the Premier takes your tax dollars and gives them to marginal seats.”

“Our hospitals, schools and roads are falling apart while the NSW Government sits on a $3.9 billion surplus and pours money into Sydney stadiums and museums.”

"Why should the NSW Government spend a cent on rebuilding Sydney stadium while a Griffith child still has to travel two hours to treat a broken arm?"

"The only way to make the NSW Government take us seriously is to take away their safe seat".