Kean's Green Team Sabotage Nats LLS Bill

The Government bill, Local Land Services (Miscellaneous) Bill 2020, has been removed from the Parliamentary agenda today because the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party refuse to support the inferior legislation.

The Bill, introduced by the Minister for Agriculture, would have the Department of Environment play a pivotal role in the agriculture and timber industries by allowing for the sub categorisation of land, by regulation.

“At the whim of the environment agency head, and without undergoing any scrutiny, the Minister for the Environment will be able to stop farmers and timber operators from managing their land under their respective codes, by creating new land categories or subcategories that would disallow certain activities,” said Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC, Mark Banasiak.

“We won’t be complicit in making primary production worse for the bush, we will campaign to get green ideology out of agriculture. 

“I put forward a bill on 14 October that addressed all the issues the Koala SEPP placed on our timber and agriculture sector, the Local Land Services Amendment (Land Management and Forestry) Bill 2020.

“The Nationals knocked it back and are now trying to pull the wool over the eyes of both the SFF, and the timber and agricultural sectors.

“This bill does nothing more than increase the interference by the green bureaucrats on the businesses, cultural activities and the communities of the bush.

“The environment agency head already has too much power through regulations to change the categorisation of land.

“An extension of that power renders the rest of the bill ineffective.

"Unless the Nationals get on board and remove the environment agency head from any decisions regarding the Local Land Services Act, we will not support their bill.

“This Bill is simply smoke and mirrors, the SFF aren’t buying it. 

“Not only that but the Bill appears to have been drafted by the Department of the Environment, why else would the Liberals be on board?

“The Libs fought tooth and nail to keep the Koala SEPP, and now they want everyone to believe that they have rolled over for the Nationals on this issue.

“I don’t think so. 

“It’s about time the soiled fingers of the Department of the Environment got out of agriculture, timber, fisheries and all primary industries,” said Mr Banasiak.

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