Grass is Greener on other side of the Bridge for MP Steph Cooke

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke is ignoring major road infrastructure upgrades in a bid to gain popularity in neighbouring electorates according to Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Mark Banasiak.

The William Bradford Bridge, the site of the recent bus crash where 26 people were injured, should have been upgraded following repeated requests from local emergency services and the local Hilltop’s Shire Council.

“Here we have a case where a seasoned bus driver, driving a brand new bus full of kids, loses control on degraded bridge that has had multiple applications to be upgraded made.

“This is a major oversight by the Member for Cootamundra, what’s more, this is Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack’s federal electorate.

“Ms Cooke seems more occupied with the neighbours and trying to gain popularity then delivering for her constituents,” said Mr Banasiak.

Ms Cooke has recently allocated funding for bridges in the former Young Shire: $1.2 million for the Wambanumba Bridge, $2.2 million for Spring Creek Road Bridge, $2.5 million Cudgell Creek Road Bridge and $2.4 million for Hannons Bridge on Murringo gap Road.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has also allocated over $9.6 million to the Bundarbo Bridge in Jugiong.

“What is unusual about all of this is that local emergency services listed the William Bradford Bridge as the highest priority for much needed safety work.

“This bridge sees thousands of vehicle movements a day, it is a major link between the east of this State and Adelaide, whilst the Bundarbo Bridge services one concrete company that want to put greater loads on their trucks.

“Somehow they are getting an almost $10 million bridge.

“It is business as usual for this Government looking after the big guys while the safety of everyone else is put at risk.

“While Steph Cooke swans around other people’s electorate she would do well to remember which side of her bread the butter is on,” said Mr Banasiak.


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