The final and complete betrayal of the bush by the NATIONAL PARTY is happening now.
National Party Minister for Agriculture, Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall is currently sponsoring a review of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTAA), that started in the Department of Agriculture in 2018.
Following a limited Consultation on Issues Paper that was not widely made available, and a Committee of Inquiry into Animal Cruelty run by the Animal Justice Party, that made wide-ranging recommendations that were based primarily on the Animal Rights agenda, a large series of proposals were developed by the department.
Their recommendations are that POCTAA be completely rewritten and “modernised” to reflect the 5 Freedoms of Animals, as espoused by Animal Rights organisations as extreme as PETA and worse.
This has now resulted in a Discussion Paper that was very recently quietly released for consultation with the public and a very limited group of “stakeholders”, most of whom were the Animal Rights organisations themselves. Submissions on the Discussion Paper close on the 3rd September after only four weeks exposure.
Make no mistake this review if carried out to legislation will destroy shooting, hunting, fishing, farming and indeed all animal interactions.
This is what the Animal Rights boosters have been praying for and it’s the National Party that is delivering it.
This must be stopped read the Discussion paper if you thought it couldn’t get any worse well wait for this to become law,