Parliament Update 18 June 2024

In the most recent weeks of parliament, Robert highlighted the overwhelming advantages of recreational hunting and condemned divisive minorities in our communities, while Mark continued to call the Government to account over water and maintained his focus on Education.


In an Adjournment Speech on Wednesday 5th June 2024, Robert illustrated the complete waste of money and ineffectiveness of feral pig LLS helicopter shooting through the figures provided by the Australian Pig Dog Hunters Association's Great Australian Pig Hunt. Once again, publicly funded helicopter shooting is shown to be inadequate and costly.

On the same day in a Private Members Statement Robert condemned the divisive messages of Reconciliation Australia and the elitist ideology of Summer May Finlay. It demonstrates the flawed logic of Reconciliation Week, their support of the extreme views of city-based activists and the insidious nature of Reconciliation Action Plans which are being pushed upon many organisations. The process creates further division and under it, you have to ask, when will we ever be reconciled? Is there a time or place when we can say “job done”?

In the community, on Thursday 6th June, Robert spoke on air with Michael Condon of ABC Western Plains about the inhumane and inept use of aerial shooting and .308 Winchester as a calibre for horses. They discussed the impending court case and the need for effective ground shooting and a calibre increase to humanely dispatch horses quickly.

Robert and Mark also attended the Clubs NSW Awards Dinner at Darling Harbour on 7th June, honouring the hard work done by clubs across the state.


In parliament, Mark passed two motions. The first one recognises the lifelong achievements of Mr Maquirang in the field of Karate, much like hunting and shooting, Karate teaches discipline, self-control and respect. Mark was honoured to highlight achievements in an area that has much synergy with our party’s core constituency. The second motion Mark passed in the House was a hat tip to his former career as a teacher and the importance of reading. Mark successfully got the government to agree to expand the Premier’s reading challenge book list to include texts from other languages, encouraging the learning of other languages from an early age.

Here is a link to both motions:

Legislative Council Hansard - 05 June 2024 - Proof (

Legislative Council Hansard - 05 June 2024 - Proof (

Mark also delivered a speech in parliament on the plight of the Bayside Community Recreation Club who have been unfairly evicted by the council from an area they have used for decades, which has inadvertently stranded access to almost 70 boat moorings. This issue is ongoing, but SFF will always fight to retain and grow access to fishing and boating.

Here is the video:

In the community, Mark attended the Western Sydney Business function in Liverpool, engaging with both local councils and businesses to grow their awareness of our party, and how they can work constructively with us to improve shooting and fishing facilities in the region. Photos attached.

Mark also continued his exposure of boat ramps in NSW in poor condition, this time down in Batemans Bay, Old Punt Road Ramp.

You can see his review here:

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