Parliament Update 3 June 2024

Over the past few weeks, Robert and Mark addressed a diverse range of issues. Robert approached matters that were close to his heart and experience, while Mark worked on poor environmental management and public consultation.

On Tuesday 14th May, Robert spoke about the importance of supporting the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-2032. He also addressed the ignored issue of domestic violence against men and in same-sex relationships, something that is largely left out of policies but should be highlighted in all discussions around domestic Violence. Click on the link below to see his speech.

The following day Robert gave notice of a motion recognising International Boys Day, held annually on 16th May. International Boys Day emphasises the importance of nurturing and supporting boys while promoting their well-being through activities and communities, helping them grow into responsible, caring, and honourable men. Click on the link below to see Robert’s speech addressing this:

On Wednesday 15th May, Robert called on the Government to recognise the role of working and sporting dogs and to protect the breeding of these valuable animals. The motion was supported by the Government and Opposition, passing the vote with ease. As usual, the NSW Greens and The Animal Justice Party opposed it, showing their disregard for the needs of our society and their wish to break up the long, precious relationship we have with these breeds. Click on the link below to see the debate, along with the logical view that the Government and Opposition took, and the nonsensical and extreme views of the Greens and Animal Justice Party.

Outside of regular sitting weeks, Robert took part in the proposed aerial shooting of brumbies in the Kosciuszko National Park parliamentary inquiry. His direct questioning exposed the arrogance and incompetence of both the RSPCA and National Parks & Wildlife Service, along with their respective CEOs, Steve Coleman and Atticus Fleming. In a 2GB radio interview with Ray Hadley the following day, Robert outlined the cruel and ineffective methods of the NPWS, as well as the RSPCA’s approval of, and failure to make NPWS more transparent. Click on the link below to hear the interview.

Out in the community, Robert was in the field on Sunday Island hunting hog deer as part of the cooperative management program of hog deer on the island, which has been running for nearly 60 years.

On 15th May, through careful examination of National Parks & Wildlife's biosecurity study, Mark highlighted NPWS poor practises in biodiversity, biosecurity, bushfire prevention, and all topped off with inefficient economic practices. The study also detailed the excellent management of NSW Forestry Corporation, all be it, at a lower cost. Click on the link to see Mark’s Private Member’s Statement.

On 16th May, Mark showed support for farmers in questioning the minister about the government’s interconnectivity panel, which produced an interim report suggesting significant cuts to farmers' access to water without any data to back it up or measure impacts. He demonstrated that, unlike the Water Worrier from Murray, you don’t need to be loud and yelly to achieve outcomes in the water space, you just need to know what you are talking about. The minister was receptive and accepting of the deficiencies in the report.

Mark in his role as Chair of Portfolio Committee No. 4, saw the second day of hearings into RSPCA and Animal Welfare League's role in enforcing Animal welfare laws, scrutinising their governance, financials, and performance of duties. You can see the video below.

Public hearing - Operation of the approved charitable organisations under the POCTA - 27 May 2024 (

During the break between sitting weeks, Mark was also out in the community, hunting for Sambar deer, fishing for trout, and 4wding in the Victorian High Country.

Thank you for your continued support!