Coroner's Finding on Pill testing Too Much to Swallow

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party leader Robert Borsak believes this government should promote a wide scale health education campaign designed to discourage drug taking and educate those thinking of using drugs at music festivals.


"This Government should look at the public health risks of drug taking at music festivals and from those

findings commence and promote a wide scale public health education campaign," said Mr Borsak.

The SFF supported the repeal of the highly contentious Music Festival regulations.

"Whether it’s banning the greyhound racing industry, seeking to lockout recreational fishers, forced

Council amalgamations, failed water and drought policy, or the Abortion Bill, this Government rarely

does anything after consultation or proper due consideration.

"Regulation by knee jerk posturing, based on panic, is what they do.

"Unless it’s responding to some secret deal it has done, on behalf of a lobbyist," said Mr Borsak.

The SFF will look at the Government’s response to new laws regulating the music festival industry,

taking into account whether the Government have consulted with industry, whether they have paid

attention to the Music Industry Inquiry, and is it a genuine attempt to mitigate the risk at festivals.

“The music festival industry does not need to be destroyed because this Government wants to appear

hairy chested.

"They have had no regard for the damage and cost to the bush economy that this approach creates.

"Just like the King Cross lockouts and the incredible scale of economic damage that has been done to

small business and the night-time economy.

"We have seen them back-flip on that, thanks to our campaigning,” Mr Borsak said.

The SFF do not support the draft findings of the Coroner's inquest.

"We do not accept, at any level, that pill testing is the correct response.

"We are in fierce agreement with the Premier in this regard. Pill testing gives people a false sense of

security and it should not be allowed at music festivals.

“Knowing the drug you have is pure ice or MDMA is no protection from the unknown and damaging

effects of taking these drugs.

"SFF do not support pill testing trials, we support the role of NSW police in enforcing the law and doing

what it takes to keep festival goers safe and free from illicit drugs.

“Music festivals are best enjoyed drug free .” Mr Borsak said.