Reverse Jesus Water Minister should resign over fish kill fib

NSW Water Minister Niall Blair must stand down after falsely claiming a mass fish kill in Lake Hume on Tuesday, says NSW Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP Robert Borsak.


Mr Blair’s spokeswoman told media there were 1800 dead fish in Lake Hume, before revising the number down to 60.

“How does 1800 fish magically turn into 60? Is Niall Blair some kind of reverse Jesus,” Mr Borsak said.

Albury mayor Kevin Mack quickly called our Mr Blair.
“I’m not sure where Niall Blair is getting his information,” Cr Mack told the Border Mail
“Fish kills on Lake Hume are as rare as houseboats".

Mr Borsak said, “it’s obvious the Nationals invented a mass fish kill in Lake Hume to make it seem like fish kills are a normal event during a drought".

“They tried to divert attention from government decisions to drain Menindee Lakes twice in four years – which resulted in one million fish deaths last week

“It's bad enough they've cause this tragedy.

“The constant lies make things worse”.

“I’m an accountant. If I mistook 60 for 1800, I’d end up in jail. Why do our Ministers get away with this?”

Mr Borsak said the Nationals are peddling the fake news drought caused the mass fish kill.

“We know 50-year and 60-year old fish died last week. How did they survive the many other droughts occurring during their lifetime?”

“The fish survived several droughts. But they couldn’t survive National Party incompetence and a failed Murray Darling Basin Plan.”

“This why we urgently need a royal commission into water mismanagement in this country”.

Roy Butler, SFF candidate for the Western NSW seat of Barwon, where the million fish died, said locals know the cause of this tragedy.

“If the feds and NSW government hadn’t drained so much water away from Menindee Lakes, they’d be enough available now to flush the river.

“This would create the fast movement of water needed to prevent the deadly algae from blooming.”

“We want accountability. Not more spin. I want to see those responsible for the criminal decision to drain the lake named and shamed in a royal commission”.