Right to Hunt and Gather Bill 2020 - Notice of Motion

Australian Governments are not known for giving its citizens more rights and liberties. They are more inclined to take them away and then sell them back to us as privileges and licenses. This trend must stop.

Our Governments have tried to desensitise and disconnect the general population from the realities of food production and sustainable recreational hunting. Recreational hunters, as the original conservationists, can and want to co-exist with the natural environment. The real destroyers are the keyboard warriors who pollute our cities, waste meat and have the hide to demonise ethical and responsible recreational hunters that actually contribute to Australia’s social, environmental, and economic prosperity.

They conveniently forget the Aboriginal and Indigenous Australians sustainably hunted and gathered our great land for centuries before us.

To this end, in an Australian first, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party are introducing the Right to Hunt and Gather Bill to accompany our Right to Fish Bill and successful Right to Farm Bill (passed in 2019).

Read our Notice of Motion here.

The Bill will be introduced to Parliament in a few months.