SFF calls on NSW Premier to rule out deal with dangerous minor party

NSW Shooters Fishers and Farmers Upper House MP Robert Borsak has called on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to renounce her association with a dangerous, extremist minor party threatening to win seats in the bush. ​

“I’ve heard rumours Gladys is associating with a party that recruited Neo-Nazis, allowed large-scale river water theft and oversaw the killing of one million fish,” Mr Borsak said​
“It’s time for her to come clean and explain why she would deal with such a dangerous party to form a government”. ​
Mr Borsak said the damage inflicted by the NSW Nationals in the bush has been laid bare over the past few months. ​
“The Nationals gave the green light to the draining of the Menindee Lakes, flushing seven years worth of drinking water out to South Australia”​
“Children in Broken Hill and Menindee are now developing skin conditions due to the poor quality water.”​
“Gladys shouldn’t be dealing with a party that gives 10-year-olds rashes”. ​
“The Nationals greed, corruption and incompetence has destroyed our river system. How could anyone do deals with them?” ​
Mr Borsak also called on the Premier to end her plans to introduce American-style healthcare in NSW.​
“The NSW Government not only privatised Northern Beaches hospital, they’ve just allowed it to be taken over by a foreign investment company.”​
“We know when the focus is overseas investor profits, the standard of patient care slips”.  ​
Mr Borsak questioned what the NSW Premier knew about the Neo-Nazi presence in her Coalition partners. ​
“We know that 15 individuals with reported links to neo-nazis and fascist groups were active members of the NSW Nationals,” Mr Borsak said​
“Federal Nationals leader Michael McCormack, when told by ABC about the this, said, and I quote, ‘individual memberships of the NSW Nationals are a matter for the party organisation’”​
“Clearly, this a party that tolerates and embraces extremism”​

"Gladys, it's not too late to come clean and renounce them".