SFF - Firearms Dealers Essential

As broader restrictions are issued on New South Wales with temporary closure of non-essential retail trade, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party will strenuously seek firearms dealers be classified as an essential service to provide essential items for those persons reliant upon the continued use of firearms.

Certain people rely on the use of firearms in their everyday activities, like primary producers and rural landholders that need to conduct feral pest control, euthanise stock or slaughter meat for personal consumption.

“We would like these people to be able to continue their very important work, which often requires visits to their local firearms dealers for maintenance and ammunition,” said Robert Borsak.

The SFF believe that firearms dealers should be classified as an essential retail service and be exempted from future COVID-19 related closure.

“Our Party, and the broader community, accept the gradual tightening of restrictions being imposed by Federal and State Governments, and the enforcement thereof, to control the spread of COVID-19.

“We know that firearms dealers could and will implement stringent measures to comply with other restrictions at their place of business,” said Phil Donato, SFF Member for Orange.

Member for Barwon, Roy Butler has said that as the pandemic continues to have major economic impacts, firearm owners may need to sell firearms.

“Like any other asset people may need to use their firearms to maintain cashflow, people will need access to dealers to be able to conduct these transactions legally.

“There is also a question of the thousands of PTA’s that are active. What does the NSW Government propose to do there?” Mr Butler said.

“The more services and industries that can continue at some level of operation should be able to do so as long as they are adhering to safety restrictions.

“This will remove some of the strain on our economy and will enable these services and industries to get back up and running and help others when the time comes,” said Upper House Member Mark Banasiak.

“Regional NSW has returned in parts to agricultural production, after three to four years of no turnover. Now is not the time to be denying farmers the tools to do their job,” said Mr Borsak.

The SFF “Firearms Dealers Classification as Essential Services” policy statement will be available on the website for further information.