Statement from Robert Borsak MLC: Donato, Butler and Dalton resignations

I wish our former members all the best and can only hope they will continue to fight for their constituencies, and not be coerced by the major parties.

Phil Donato is a good local MP, but he is just that only local.

It’s why we picked him, to be part of the SFF team.

It’s why we invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and years in developing and managing the things that go on in the background to put him in the best position to prosecute the local issues and SFF.

Whilst his record is good, I’ll put my record up for fighting for hunters, shooters, Fishers, Farmers, the Greyhound community, Taxi drivers and owners, the Timber Communities and anyone else who needs our help, against his any day. 

Most of the freedoms Philip rightly enjoys today are because of the work the SFF and I put in over many many years. Philip was still in primary school in short pants when this fight first started. 

History tells us most independents are green and teal leaning, and if they are not, they are easily coerced into supporting that green teal mob. No green or teal likes shooters or hunters, and all of them would easily trade away our freedoms and rights if they needed to. It’s happening at a Federal level, and it happened with Helen Dalton.

This is the risk one takes with independents. They don't have a set of policies or grounding principles upon which to base themselves on. They don't have any political gravity except themselves and whatever it takes to stay elected. When necessary, the Government uses them as pawns and whatever they thought or said they believed in, doesn't mean anything anymore. We all remember Tony Windsor.

Many people have tried to take over our party for their own interests in the last 30 years. It’ll survive these challenges long into the futureIn the end, electors don’t care about party internal matters. They want results for their communities. 

Independents come and go, and so does their ability to get results. 

Our focus is always on putting the party in the best position to get the most for shooters, fishers and farmers and all bush communities that need a voice and our help.