Stop Animal Rights Extremists

"Bringing home the bacon", “Kill two birds with one stone”, “More than one way to skin a cat”

Yes, we've all used these popular Australian slang phrases before.

Now, the PC police and animal rights groups like the 'Animal Justice Party' are ordering us to stop using these words because they are offensive to vegans.

If you’re as worried about where this is heading as us, join our campaign to stop this!


Animal rights groups PETA has been campaigning for “animal-friendly idioms” wanting to get rid of “common phrases that perpetuate violence toward animals”.

These nonsense ideologies are being backed by The Greens and the Animal Justice Party.

This brainwashing is used by the same groups that want to ban fishing and hunting, lock out campers and four-wheel drivers and stop farmers from doing their job.

Add your voice to the campaign to stop this sort of stuff before it’s too late.

Be quick! Schools, universities and companies across Australia are already making it an offence to use animal words.

Sign our petition now to stop this!

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