Help us fight Gun Control Australia

On June 28, Gun Control Australia started a fear campaign against the Adler A110 and lever-action firearms. Help us fight back.

It all started with an article in the Daily Telegraph on Monday:

Massacre fear with rapid-fire shotguns

Then Gun Control Australia started their national advertising campaign against lever-action firearms.


Help us have some fun at their expense:

  1. print out a copy of their advertisement (click the image above)
  2. Tick the "YES" box
  3. Post a photo of yourself on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #FactsNotFibs


Let's make this as public as possible.

We all know that lever-action firearms have always been legal, even under John Howard's extreme firearms laws.  No crimes have been committed using lever-action firearms as well.

Help us get the word out and share your story.