The New South Wales Liberal Party and their National Party colleagues want to create 25 marine new parks across Newcastle, Sydney, and Wollongong.

Join our representatives Robert Brown, Robert Borsak, and Philip Donato in the fight to stop this lock-out. 

We passed a five-year ban on the creation of new marine parks back in 2011. With your support, we can do it again.  

There are over 900,000 recreational fishers in New South Wales alone. Make your voice heard to the politicians in Sydney trying to lock us out. 

Make no mistake, this is a political decision. It has nothing to do with science or the protection of marine estate. This is about the Liberal Party and the National Party trying to win inner-city Green votes.

Recreational fishers and families with fishing rods are not the enemies of marine biodiversity. 

We are planning a massive campaign to stop this, but we haven't got much time left. Sign up now to get involved and find out more. 


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