“There Will Be Blackouts Next Summer”: SFF Blocks Green Attack on Hunter Region Power Generation

While The Greens are grandstanding for the inner-city, New South Wales faces the uncertain prospect of where we will get our electricity.

Robert Brown MLC

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Brown hit back at an attempt by the Greens in Parliament today to ban any new coal mines – placing our energy security at risk.

 “The Greens have no idea about what is needed to keep New South Wales running, and that was painfully obvious today,” Mr Brown said.

 “While attempting to pass the Mining Amendment (Climate Protection—No New Coal Mines) Bill today, they failed to realise that this short-sighted stupidity would affect our ability to meet current and future energy needs.

 “The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party are calling for two new coal-fired power stations in the Hunter region. Base-load power can’t be guaranteed 24/7 from other options. The Hunter region already has a stable reservoir of high-quality coal and existing infrastructure to support new electricity generators.

 “This would provide much needed jobs for the region and get us out of the energy crisis we are in right now.

 “Mark my words – there will be blackouts next summer. The Government has dithered on this issue because they’re too afraid to stand up to the Greens.

 “It’s no good the Greens feeling smug at home in the inner-city when the rest of the State can’t turn on their lights or heat their homes.”

 The Mining Amendment (Climate Protection—No New Coal Mines) Bill was introduced by controversial Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham and was voted down by the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party, and all other parties in the Upper House except the Greens and the Animal Justice Party.

Download Robert Brown's press release here.