Troy’s Tantrum Over SFF Motion

Former National Party Leader and Police Minister Troy Grant lost his temper after Philip Donato called-out the National Party's laziness.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Member for Orange Philip Donato today called-out the laziness of the National Party during a debate in State Parliament today.

The debate, commenced by the Member for Tamworth, was intended to be a confidence-booster before the October 14 by-elections, but it just led to the Police Minister losing his temper and was withdrawn from having a vote.

“This notice of motion is based on one sole thing: fear,” Mr Donato said.

“The National Party fear losing Cootamundra, Murray, Dubbo, and Tamworth in the 2019 State election.

“For too long the National Party has had it too good. They have become lazy, complacent and disingenuous.”

After this comment from Mr Donato, Police Minister and Member for Dubbo Troy Grant lost his temper and launched on a tirade in the Chamber and refused the Acting Speaker’s requests to take his seat.

“I have no problem calling out the National Party for failing to stand up to their city-based Liberal Party masters. That’s why we had the greyhound racing ban and forced Council amalgamations,” Mr Donato said.

“We have two strong candidates in the upcoming by-elections: Matthew Stadtmiller in Cootamundra and Helen Dalton in the electorate of Murray.

“I even understand that National Party Leader John Barilaro was on the phone with Ms Dalton over the last week trying to coax her into being a National Party candidate.

“Thankfully, Ms Dalton and Mr Stadtmiller know that rural New South Wales deserves better.”

Download Philip Donato's press release here.