Upper Hunter Nationals MP Discovers Coal

After 873 days in office and a week of flip-flop thought bubbles, Upper Hunter Nationals MP decides to support our policy for a new coal-fired power station.

Hunter Region Spokesman John Preston

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Hunter Region spokesman John Preston congratulated Upper Hunter MP Michael Johnsen for adopting SFF’s policy for a new coal-fired power station in the Hunter, but questioned his ability to make the policy a reality.

“Michael Johnsen and the National Party are all over the place on energy policy,” Mr Preston said.

“Last week Mr Johnsen was calling for a nuclear power plant in 30 years to solve our imminent electricity crisis; now after I’ve been pushing this policy for over a year he’s finally come to the table after 873 days as Member for the Upper Hunter.

“It might be pure luck that Mr Johnsen has picked a winner by adopting Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party policy, but I doubt he has the clout in the Coalition to make this a reality.

“Remember, the National Party just do whatever the Liberal Party tells them to do, and the Liberal Party Energy Minister Don Harwin hates coal. 

“On the other hand, my Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party colleagues hold the balance of power in the Upper House – no matter whether the Liberal Party or the Labor Party is in power in Macquarie Street. 

“Unlike Mr Johnsen’s flip-flop thought bubbles, we’re in a better position to solve this problem. 

“We’ve started with a Parliamentary inquiry into electricity supply, possible power company collusion and price-fixing. Where’s Michael Johnsen?”

It is Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party policy to build two new high-energy low-emissions (HELE) coal-fired power stations in the Hunter Region to meet our base-load electricity needs.

On ABC Upper Hunter at 7:30am this morning Michael Johnsen was finally quoted as supporting a new coal-fired power station:

“I want to see more coal-fired power stations built,” Mr Johnsen said.

Download John Preston's press release here.