Urgent need to put the brakes on foreign ownership of Australian assets

SFF Senate candidate Brett Cooke details just how much river water, prime agricultural land and assets we're sold to foreigners; and explains what we need to do to halt the mass sale of our nation.  

The Liberals and Nations say they’re the party that protects our borders. They say they’re the party that puts Australian interests first.

That’s a complete fraud.

Under their watch, we’ve sold off an extraordinary amount of our country’s fresh river water, prime agricultural land and strategic assets to foreigners.

Our food, water and national security have been put in serious danger by both major parties.

Let me tell you about we’ve lost:

❌We’ve sold 52 million hectares of our farm land to foreigners.

❌Canada, for example, increased its stake in Aussie farms five-fold last year alone.

❌Our biggest irrigation property, Cubbie Station, is owned by the Chinese.

❌ We’ve sold more than four million megalitres of our precious river water –
 enough to fill eight Sydney harbours – to overseas buyers.

❌Energy Australia, who power more than 4 million homes, is now owned by a Hong Kong-based company.

❌We’ve even leased the port of Darwin to the Chinese.

Now, SFF supports multiculturalism. And I know our country needs investment.

But if we keep selling so many and so much of our most valuable natural resources and assets to foreigners, we won’t have a country anymore.

Australia has something called the Foreign Investment Review Board, which is supposed to review foreign purchases of our assets.

But this Board has been incredibly weak in recent years, and seems to give the green light to every sale. And it makes all its decisions in secret.

Some of its decisions are downright bizarre. Last year, a Canadian company was allowed to buy a large Temora agribusiness for $200 million, even though a group of local Riverina farmers were willing to pay $70 million more.

If I’m elected, I’ll be fighting for a major review of the Review Board. I want to apply a much stricter criteria when deciding whether to approve major foreign purchases.

I want to ensure all major foreign sales are in OUR national interest.

✔️ Let’s lease instead of selling.

✔️ Let’s give Aussies a tax advantage over foreign investors.

✔️ Let’s lower the monetary thresholds for foreign purchases, to keep our most valuable assets in Australian hands.

✔️ Let’s carefully monitor all overseas investment and review them regularly.

✔️Let’s keep all our ports, power grids and largest landholdings as Australian owned.

The Liberal, Labor and National parties all receive massive donations for foreign interests.

That’s why they’re doing nothing to stop the foreign takeover of our most valuable assets.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party are the one party you can rely on to fight against excessive foreign ownership.

That’s why we need representation in our federal parliament.

We’ll be your powerful voice, fighting to keep Australian assets in Australian hands.

If you agree with us, please vote for me in the Australian Senate on May 19. 

Brett Cooke, SFF Senate candidate