Eden-Monaro By-Election: Voters Deserve Better

We are sick of politicians, just like you are. 

Like night follows day, the Liberal Nationals have once again hired One Nation to do their dirty bidding and spread campaign misinformation regarding so called 'preference deals'. As the SFF picks off more Liberal National seats and replaces them with decent, hard-working and strong leaders, voters will start to see more of this rubbish coming out of the Liberal Nationals. 

The SFF do not hold a candle for either major party. We believe they are both as bad as each other. Voters deserve better, and the SFF will continue to give them a choice. 

One Nation is no stranger to accepting contributions from the Liberal National donors in exchange for spreading their message. If One Nation MP Malcolm Roberts was truly the defender of regional Australians that he says he is, he would have run a candidate in the Eden-Monaro by-election, rather than be a megaphone for the untrustworthy and lazy Liberal Nationals.  

The SFF cannot be bought, and we will never be a rubber stamp for the Government; regardless of whether they are team red or blue. Our deal is with the voters, particularly in regional areas. 

The SFF look forward to continuing to work with more passionate Members actually fighting for the bush, like Pauline Hanson herself.

For more information on how you can control your vote in elections, follow this link.

If you want weak Representatives who will sell out to the highest bidder, vote for one of the major parties.  

If you want a party that cannot be bought or unduly influenced, vote 1 Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party.