We Support Timber Workers!
For the past 8 years the Liberal National Government has given lip service to timber workers in the River Red Gums. During this time they have failed to act as businesses close and towns die. The government has ignored our attempts to re-establish this sustainable industry whilst Gladys and Barilaro buddy up to their city based greenie mates. 

The time for talk is over, Towns like Mathoura and many others need action today so they can get back to work as they had done so for many generations.

John Barilaro and Gladys Berejiklian, stop playing with people’s lives and re-open the River Red Gums to well managed and sustainable logging.

Our bill will unlock the national park and allow sustainable timber harvesting to recommence.

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Mark Perrier
David Morris
Anthony Mckay
Rodoljub Vukobratovic
Nick Myer
Robert Bradford
Nicholas North
Barry Stewart
Jay Walsh
Brett Norton
Jason Pickup
Peter Page
Malcolm Ullyatt
Allan Green
Dale Arrowsmith
Robert Gardiner
David Sales
Russell Shelton
Joel Crawley
Glenn Hayter
Chris Pawlow
J8 Anderson
Andrew Cini
Josh Pedersen
Jonathon Dunstall
Christopher Wallis
Laurence Watkins
Steven Schuler
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