Gov't Backs Down From De-Licencing Debt Collectors Live On Air

We raised concerns about the NSW Government wanting to scrap licencing for debt collectors, and they've backed down.

Debt collectors

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC Robert Borsak celebrated a win today after Minister Victor Dominello completely backed-down from his plan to de-licence debt collectors This came after the Minister's office heard news that Mr Borsak would be speaking on 2GB this morning on the issue.

"This is a win for anybody falling on hard times, brokered by the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party," Mr Borsak said.

"We don't want a situation in New South Wales where thugs and bikies can knock on people's doors collecting debts.

"Yesterday the NSW Government were saying they would be pushing through their bill to deregulate and de-licence debt collectors through all its stages last night - taking advantage of three less unpaired MPs in the Upper House, but this morning they backed down.

"Labor MLC Sophie Cotsis resigned yesterday to contest the Canterbury by-election, Jan Barham from The Greens was away, and I'm recovering from surgery late last week. The Government wouldn't have needed Crossbench votes to pass legislation, because there are three less votes to oppose them.

"However, they halted the bill halfway through passing it last night, at the last minute.

"This morning I was to appear on 2GB to speak about these irresponsible plans to de-licence debt collectors, but as soon as Dominello's office got wind of the interview they pulled the bill live on air.

"Mike Baird and Troy Grant are afraid of criticism with the growing popularity of our first-time candidate Philip Donato in the Orange by-election who's securing 15.5% of the vote after announcing his candidacy two weeks ago.

"I couldn't believe that they were considering such a plan in the first place. Removing protections from debt collectors would hurt people when they were at their most vulnerable, and would effectively turn New South Wales into a 'Mafia State' All sorts of unsavoury people would be able to knock on people's doors asking for money."

"The Government said that they would remove the existing 'positive licence', instead imposing a 'negative licence' - which means there will be a blacklist of people excluded from the industry.

"Obviously the Baird Government's work experience kid has been at the computer again - first they created the term 'social licence' for banning greyhound racing, now they created the terms 'positive licence' and 'negative licence' to give the false impression they would still be licencing debt collectors.

"I'll be closely watching Dominello's next big plan: to scrap consumer protections for CTP insurance."

The plan to de-licence debt collectors was being created by the Fair Trading Amendment (Commercial Agents) Bill 2016, but they have pulled the bill.

Originally the interview was scheduled for 9:25am, but Minister Dominello's office called 2GB directly to inform the presenters they had changed their mind. The interview finally took place at 9:40am where it was announced live on air that the Government was backing down from their original plans.

Download Robert Borsak's press release here.