Fighting for Taxi plate Owners, Operators and Drivers

SFF will fight to force the NSW Liberal Government to commit to its moral obligation, to provide just and rightful compensation for its own actions in the legalized destruction of the NSW Taxi Industry by imposing unjust and biased conditions within the NSW P2P Transport Legislation.

The Legislation and the administration of unfair application for assistance requirements, currently in force, have severely impacted the lives of taxi plate owners, operators and drivers throughout NSW.

In 2018, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party declared its support for the Taxi Owners Small Business Association (TOSBA).

SFF recognise TOSBA (Taxi Owners Small Business Association) as the only face and force of the NSW Taxi Industry’s resurrection. We shall work together to reunite the Taxi Industry and introduce appropriate regulation of the ride-share industry to achieve an equitable and fair working environment as originally promised but never honoured.

We believe that everyone in New South Wales – including small business owners and operators – deserve fair and equitable treatment.

They deserve fair compensation.

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